Step 1: Schedule Initial Evaluation and Facility Tour

Identify your natural movement patterns and current skills.

Open House Saturday January 29th, 11:30-12:30pm at Twin Cities Orthopedics in Eden Prairie

Free Seminar: "3 Steps To Develop Your Golf Improvement Plan"

Step 2: Benchmark skills and set priorities

Customize your improvement plan base on your current strengths and weaknesses.


Step 3: On-Course Playing Lesson

Learn the metrics that matter and how to keep track of your score to build a purposeful practice session. We'll also discuss developing a scoring mindset and course strategy.

Step 4: Select Program

Select the best program based on your time and investment level. Learning the game of golf is a process, not an event. I want to pour my 36 years of playing and coaching experience to educate, train and inspire your junior golfer to achieve their goals!



Scholarship Athletes Trained since 2011



High School State Participants in 2018


Golfers shot their career low score in 2018

High School Prep Program

Shoot lower scores, have more fun and play more consistently with Brad Pluth’s Winter training program at Twin Cities Orthopedics in Eden Prairie. Train in the winter and enjoy shooting lower scores next spring and summer!

Tuition Options

One Month $199, Three Months $375

College Prep Program

I'll guide you through the process of selecting a region, a school, preparing your resume, cover letter, mock interviews, contacting coaches, tournament planning and much more in this 10-week program.

Two-hour training session each week for ten weeks.

Tuition $750

Joe B- Campbell University, Noah R.- University of Minnesota, Nicole M.- Bethel College

Training Options

Private, Small Group and Mastery Sessions

High School Prep

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:45-8:15pm

Saturdays 10-11:30 and 11:30-1pm

College Prep

Pick one class during the week and Saturdays from 3-5pm

Private Lessons

Sundays 6-10pm,

Mondays 9-3:30pm

Friday 9-3:30pm

Saturday 6-9am


Credit can be used for

90-minute training sessions


30-minute private session

Four Credit Trial


30-minute private assessment

3 90-minute training sessions

12 Credits 3 Month


60-Minute Assessment

9 training sessions

3 30-minute private sessions

24 Credits


90-Minute Assessment

24 credits to be used throughout the year.

Brad has worked with and been mentored by some thof the best in Golf Coaching

Mike Adams, EA Titschler, Dr. David Wright, Craig Waryan, Rod Lidenberg, Martin Hall, Mike Bender, network of TPI professional...

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